About Us

Supplying The Entire State Of Florida With Heavy Wrecker Services

Daytona Wrecker Services is proud to serve Daytona Beach and the nearby communities with fast, friendly, and efficient towing for light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. We also have a certified dive team, rescue vehicles, and offer airbag recovery. We are available 24/7 for all of your towing needs. Our team of experts will get you back on the road in no time. We have certified CDL drivers by PWOF & SSTA. We operate exclusively with Miller Industries equipment.

Serving Our Commercial And Residential Clients With Heavy Transport

When your cargo is a priority with you, it’s a priority with us. Our team would be happy to help when it comes to delivering your heavy equipment from one location to another. This ethic extends to large vehicles like trucks and SUVs. When you need your cargo or car moved, we will be as gentle and professional as possible. You don’t need another problem on your radar. Because this is the case, we will move with alacrity. Arriving on time and on schedule is a critical factor that sets us apart from the wrecker industry competition.

Security and Safety With Premier Roadside Assistance

Your property, for many reasons, is incredibly important. Our job is to make sure that whether the property is your equipment or your car, that it will travel safely. Moreover, as your local wrecking company, we can uniquely provide many automotive services. Whether you need help with a lockout or a battery replacement, we are qualified to assist. Once you give us a call at our phone number, our wrecking crew can assure you that you will take top priority. If you have ever struggled with a car problem on the side of the road, you likely understand how essential it is to have a good wrecking company on your side.

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